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republicans who have opposed sandy aid are from hurricane regions. one from mississippi called for more help just last year for katrina relief but opposed sandy relief making him a target for skewering. >> many of my constituents in mississippi are still dealing with the effects of hurricane katrina. >> let's pretend instead of your constituents in mississippi, it's someone else's constituents in new york, and instead of seven months later, it's two months later. >> we sent them there to do the work for us, not to sit down there and play with each other. >> reporter: but republicans want specifics. we asked christie's office three times to explain their request. nearly $5 billion for housing. is that temporary housing, rebuilding homes or loans? and $700 million for what is called individual assistance. is that food, rent, actual payments or loans? christie's office has not answered any of those questions. the house is back in session tomorrow night. the real debate will happen tuesday. the vote is set for wednesday. dan and bianna. >> keep pushing for answers. thank you, david. sandy relief
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in the state to enforce new gun laws. in mississippi, the governor had a similar idea, urging the legislature to prohibit the enforcement of any federal laws obama could get passed. >> i support the current laws. i don't think we need to change anything at all. >> reporter: the ferocity of the opposition does not surprise the white house. it's been nearly two decades since any new gun laws have been passed. >> we suffered too much pain and we care too much about our children to allow this to continue. >> reporter: ban on assault weapons and require background checks on all gun sales are things the nra is adamantly opposed to and vows to fight. >> there's people that care deeply about their second amendment rights and are not going to vote for politicians who sell them out. >> reporter: in recent polls, a significant majority of the public supports each of the major elements of the president's plan. that's why the white house plans to launch an all-out public campaign to support it, tapping into that grassroots network that helped the president win re-election. george? >> they're going to need
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up inspections, pressured by the airlines looking to cut costs. >>> part of the mississippi river is shut down after a barge struck a bridge in vicksburg, mississippi. it's unclear how much oil has spilled. an oily sheen has been spotted three miles down river. >>> and amazing rescue video in australia. a family stranded in their pickup truck. rescuers urging them to put their 14-month-old son in this tiny bag to be hoisted up to the helicopter hovering above. as they bring him up, they carry him up inside the helicopter, all the way up. this is terrifying for those adults watching. look at this. right inside that bag, a little boy's head. a little upset. but doing just fine. >> why did they zip the bag closed? >> he's okay. and so are the parents. >>> and also from australia, the storm churning up all of the foam. watch to the left. the two officers jumping out of the way. a car emerging from all of that foam. the driver said, where am i? unbelievable, right? foam. the driver thought they were -- >> completely submerged? >> completely submerged. >> they didn't have sam. see? >>>
. >> so, before that snow fell in the south and places like northern alabama and mississippi, kentucky had a beautiful sunset ahead of that. and they caught this here. this is perfect in lewissport. thank you for sending that sky on fire. and winter in vermont. it looks pretty. i wanted to share those. find me on twitter and send me your photos this week. i'm on facebook, too. so are they. >> can we say, digging the new hair color, ginger. >> thank you. >> darker said of ginger. >> surprising everyone this morning. >> actually, we should have led with that. >> that's breaking news. >> thank you, ginger. >> you look great both ways. thanks. >>> coming up here on the broadcast, the exclusive interview with manti te'o about his dead girlfriend who was never real. >> so, i kind of tailored my stories to have people think that, yeah, he met her. >>> also this morning, not talking. find out why police say actor robert wagner is not cooperating with the investigation into the death of his wife, actress natalie wood, who died more than three decades ago. >>> and big news out of hollywood this morn
. in louisiana, tornado watches have been issued in some parts of mississippi, too. already, a tornado reported outside of baton rouge. we'll be watching that. be sure to tune into your abc stations. you saw the forecast with rainfall in the center of the nation. on the back end, a whole lot of colder air will be filtering in. you see billings on the outside of that 12 to 24 inches? that's mountainous to the west. but then, to the east, in the dakotas, you can get a foot of snow in some of those places. rapid city, be on alert. let's fly across the nation, talk about what you can expect. rainfall coming into atlanta, 63. boston, very mild at 47. duluth, right up there along the pink, and that pink represents wintery weather, wintry mix and ice. be careful. severe storms through the gulf coast. phoenix goes to 70. and a lot colder, from san francisco to los angeles today into tonight. that's going to be a big, big change. >> not only is it 100-year anniversary. but it's somebody else's birthday. young lady, what's your name? >> diveda mitchell. >> and sunday is her birthday. >> happy birthday to
, that in many places, like mississippi, this is the kind of snow you see 10 to 20 years. good, heavy snowfall totals. mountains of snow. more than 15 inches of snow in the mountains of west virginia and also into virginia. now, watch this low cruise away. the cape gets one to two inches today before it's fully gone. in comes the brutal chill behind it. this is a short one today into tomorrow. we'll warm up over the weekend. next week, plunging arctic air. quick look at the big board there. we'll get into it later this morning. >> nice and mild and wet, 77 l.a. 60 to denver. there's a big plunge of arctic air next week. big, big cold. >> why do you have to say plunge? >> i'm just saying. >> or big? >>> coming up on "gma," the woman in the middle of the manti te'o hoax is revealed. she's alive. when did he find out that she really didn't exist? >>> the first lady debuts the brand-new look. we'll meet the man behind her stunning style. >>> and hollywood teen and tweens shed their good girl images. but are they trying to do hard to show they're all grown up? we'll let you know on "gma." what i'm
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than used in 1858 in mississippi. if that's not the case, they can shut up. >> what's your name? >> django. >> you're exactly the one i'm looking for. >> reporter: foxx plays a freed slave on a mission to free his wife. in tarantino's hands, the material is explosive, loaded with violence. >> this was one of the most narcissistic, self-indulgent, racist, most despicable characters i ever read in my life. >> reporter: dicaprio plays candy. plantation owner and vicious racist, who uses the "n" word constantly. >> i have to say, the first day on set was incredibly difficult for me. when jamie was there. >> come on. >> reporter: let him. >> all right. i watched it. i watched. and he goes -- he says the word. and goes, buddy. i said, what's the deal? he said, it's tough. i said, you're human. you're supposed to be tough. you're not supposed to feel like that's normal in 2012. 2013. >> so far, the controversy's only fueled ticket sales. "django unchained" has passed the $100 million mark. it's the highest grossest film for tarantino to date. you can see my interview tonight toll follo
, california, mississippi. america represented, ladies and gentlemen. >> absolutely, bill. what a lovely moment that was four years ago, when you met with the freedom riders. look forward to seeing them again today. >>> now, let's get to josh who has the morning headlines. >> we're going to begin with the rising death toll from the hostage siege in algeria, ending over the weekend at a dear price. at least 81 people confirmed killed, as bodies are still being found. so far, one american is confirmed dead. seven escaped. and concern is growing for two others still missing. >>> and an atlanta falcons fan is in a georgia hospital this morning, after a postgame argument turned violent. witnesses say the falcons fan punched a 49ers fan in the face. and the 49ers fan stabbed the falcons fan in the throat. the two teams were playing yesterday. police thus far, not able to make any arrests in the attack. >>> i spoke of that game. and the match-up for super bowl xlvii is set. it will be the brothers harbaugh leading these two teams. 49ers coach, jim harbaugh, older brother, john, leading the baltimore r
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)